Business approach

Most of the non-food retail companies focus on business optimization from the perspective of technology and innovation. Advised by consultants, they wish to implement systems in order to gather and process the big data. With help of this tools they should be able to make better decisions with increased result in the bottom line. A lot of time the results fail to come.

How high is the engagement level of your employees?

The key to optimize a business process or to implement new technology are the people who need to use it. If you want them in your boat than they need to be involved from the beginning in the decision process, when researching and answering the following questions:

Why do I wish a change?

How to improve this process? Which  tools do I choose?

Who will be using the new technology, what is their level of engagement?

If the employees don’t understand and don’t relate with the change the new strategy will fail. There is always the need to change from the inside out in order to be sustainable. You start with the people and get to technology and not the other way around.

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