Increasing the turnover

How you convince the customers entering your stores to buy? A good buying quota is 20% and over. Most of the non-food retail companies measure the number of people entering the stores. One of the important KPI’s in a non-food retail company is the buying quota. The buying quota is directly related to the customer experience.

What if  just 5% of the people entering your store end up buying?

Following reasons can lead to a disappointing experience and lack of buying:

  1. Bad “expectations” management – what was communicated through the promotion (in store or media) is not aligned with what the customers find in the store.
  2. Unpleasant physical conditions in the stores (smell, heat, music).
  3. Customers don’t find the article that they wish.
  4. Customers don’t find the right article ( a specific size or shape).
  5. Long waiting time at the cash desk.
  6. Unfriendly selling personnel (they are not willing to go and bring the article or show)
  7. Lack of communication abilities of the personnel (they don’t know what questions to ask, react annoyed at solicitation)
  8. Uncomfortable arrangement of the store, no space to navigate between the shelves or stands.

Nothing interesting, just products, no experience or challenge, nothing to share, tweet, selfie about.

The customer experience is a mix between environment conditions, abilities of of the selling personnel, assortment of products in the stores and communications strategy. It take a team effort of different departments to offer a memorable experience and a lot of forward and backwards communication.

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