Management mentoring

Do you want to improve your management style?

I remember that years ago when I had been promoted, I was lacking some abilities which are critical for a healthy management style. One of the mistakes I was doing, was micromanagement instead of coordination. Does this sound familiar?

I was facing the difficulty of stopping finding solutions for logistics or proposing ways to improve merchandising. After all, who does a better job than myself? In some time I found out that the employees whom responsibilities I was taking over were pretty unhappy and confused. So I am asking you:

How do you let go of your old habits?

If you want your employees to stay engaged and enjoy working with you, then you should master the following skills:

  • Delegation – learn how to stop micromanaging and start to coordinate and delegate.
  • Communicating – learn how to efficiently communicate verbally and in writing, with internal and external customers.
  • Setting goals – learn how to set objectives which are achievable, yet not to easy too reach.
  • Feedback – learn to give feedback, appropriate ways to give positive and negative feedback so your employees will stay engaged.
  • Be consistent, if you choose not to – than make it transparent, explain your reasons.

Contact me to find out ways in which you can improve your management abilities.